Guide Through Ireland (1838)

1838, Guide Through Ireland, by James Fraser

“Connected with the trade of Galway, we cannot omit the Claddagh, a large village lying on the opposite side of the harbour, and apart from the town. It contains innumerable little streets and lanes of cabins, all grouped and huddled together. About 1500 fishermen, with their wives and families, reside here; and, beyond the sale of their fish, hold little intercourse with the town’s people, intermarry among themselves, and, as regards fishing and pecuniary matters, are governed by their own byelaws. The boats, great and small, connected with this fishery, and including, the whole coast of the county of Galway, are said to exceed a thousand. Still, owing to the prejudices, ignorance, and total want of system, among the fishermen, the town and surrounding country are very irregularly supplied.”

James Fraser; “Guide Through Ireland: Descriptive of its scenery, towns, seats, antiquities, etc. with various statistical tables also various statistical tables also an outline of its mineral structure, and a brief views of its botany. With a map, and engravings.”; William Curry, Jun. and Company Samuel Holdsworth, London, Fraser and Co. Edinburgh; Dublin; 1838; pp234-5.

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