BBC Radio Ulster: The Claddagh Ring

p01h07yh“The Claddagh Ring is one of Ireland’s most recognisable exports, worn from Africa to America to Asia. It is a popular piece of jewellery worldwide yet its origins and symbolism aren’t always understood. In this Valentines Day special, the old romantic Gerry Anderson goes in search of the story of the ‘Fainne Cladach’, right back to it’s origins in Roman times.

In this inspiring programme, Gerry travels to the town of Claddagh in Galway and speak to folklorists and storytellers. He spends time with traditional jewellers making a Claddagh Ring from scratch. He hears myths and legends surrounding the origins of the ring and tries to fathom the various supposed meanings behind the hands, heart and crown. And he talks to the current King of the Claddagh, a man who must surely be able to shed some light on a piece of jewellery that has travelled the four corners of the world, just as the Irish themselves have.”

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