Emma’s Fantasique Word Play

emmasfantasique“Both the children and the parents got a question about the Royal Claddagh Ring.

The parents scratched their heads. What are the parts of the Royal Claddagh Ring?

The child were stationed back-to-back. Manny read their question, What is the poem about the Royal Claddagh ring?

Emma started typing, With this crown, I give my loyalty. With these hands, I offer my service. With this heart, I give you mine. In love, in friendship, let us reign. Ana had shared this poem with her many times, for she knew that Emma loved poetry.

Their parents were on the brink of giving up. All of the sudden, Samantha Miller recalled the recent tragedy of actress Natasha Richardson, who had died after hitting her head during a ski accident. According to a news report, her mahogany coffin had been emblazoned with the Royal Claddagh symbol, signifying love, friendship, and loyalty.

Samantha couldn’t remember what the three symbols were.

“Okay, let’s say a heart for love,” Tom told her. She typed it in. They were stuck. There was fifty seconds left.

Samantha started twisting her wrist. Then she took two right fingers and started twisting them around her wedding ring. She recalled that Ana, Emma’s Irish friend, had a ring with a heart on it. But it had two more things. Anna had shown it to her. What were the other two things?

Tom pointed out that the question said Royal, but she dismissed him. She wondered  whether the new article might have said love, friendship, and royalty. Then she remembered that there was a crown on top of the heart. Tom was right! She type in Crown”.

Emma’s Fantasique Word Play by Shirley A. Franklin


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