Jim Morrison’s (The Doors) Secret Claddagh Wedding


Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison

“’Love Hides’ sounds like it may be some romantically inspired improvisation on Morrison’s part, but in fact it was a poem he’d written for Patricia Kennealy Morrison. By the time Absolutely Live was released, the two were deeply involved and had been joined together in a Celtic handfasting ceremony. Their June 1970 marriage was not legally binding, but it was understood to be an exchange of solemn and lasting vows by practitioners of Celtic witchcraft (not to be confused with Satanism). Kennealy and Morrison exchanged traditional Irish wedding rings called claddaghs, which depicted hands holding a crowned heart. Hers was silver, his was gold.”

The Doors: When the Music’s over (Stories Behind Every Song Series); Chuck Crisafulli, Dave Dimartino; p.115

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