The Old Claddagh Ring

The Old Claddagh Ring, it was my grandmother’s
She wore it a lifetime, and gave it to me
All through the long years, she wore it so proudly
It was made where the Claddagh rolls down to the sea
What tales it could tell, of trials and of hardship
And of grand happy days, when the whole world did sing
So away with your sorrow, it will bring luck tomorrow
Sure everyone loves it, the Old Claddagh Ring

With the crown and the crest, to remind us of honour
And clasping the heart that God’s blessing would bring
A circle of gold, always kept homes contented
With true love entwined in the Old Claddagh Ring
As she knelt at her prayers and thought of the dear ones
Her soft gentle smile, it would charm a king
On her worn hand, as she told me her story
You could see the bright glint of the Old Claddagh Ring

It was her gift to me, and it made me so happy
With this on my finger, my heart beats would ring
No king on his throne could be half so happy
As I am when wearing my Old Claddagh Ring
When the angels above call me up to heaven
In the heart of the Claddagh, their voices will sing
“Away with your sorrows, you’ll be with us tomorrow,
Be sure and bring with you, the Old Claddagh Ring”.

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