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Irish Wedding Traditions

We thought you might like to read this article from IrishCentral Five old Irish wedding traditions you may not know about: tying the knot, the blue dress, a porcelain horseshoe, Claddagh ring, and wedding bells. Lovely picture of the Claddagh ring by the way – a classic.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and the Claddagh Ring

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Seems Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent their private honeymoon in Ireland’s romantic Castle Oliver. I can’t say I even know who Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are. They do look lovely and are obviously famous to someone. They certainly make the news. Castle Oliver, I can honestly report is indeed a magical red sandstone Victorian era Scottish Baronial style ‘castle’ in the foothills of the Ballyhouras in County Limerick – a perfect private retreat. (Apparently it also has the largest wine-cellar in Ireland. What’s not to like.)

How we know I can’t imagine but the celebrity pages have reported that Kanye West bought his wife a solid silver Claddagh ring before they left for Prague – certainly fitting for a honeymoon in an Irish castle. Of all the over-the-top and of all the expensive blinginess which appears to surround them this is definitely one authentic, elegant, and nicely ordinary part of the story. We can’t take it away from him that he bought the Claddagh in the airport gift shop (according to the Herald). Irish Central report it was “very expensive” though I very much doubt it. A Claddagh ring is a Claddagh ring – it comes in one flavour here in Ireland: ordinary, real, traditional, and most importantly, authentic. (Let’s hope she wears it and it talks to her in her sleep. Authentic is good.)

“Romantic rap star Kanye West splashed out on a silver Claddagh ring for new wife Kim Kardashian before the newlyweds left Ireland.

The All of the Lights hit maker reportedly made sure the reality TV star had a heartfelt memento to remember her time here.

They enjoyed four nights in some of Ireland’s most luxurious places before jetting off to Prague on their private plane.”  Irish Mirror, 30th May 2014.

Last weekend, Kim Kardashian decorated her already bling-tastic fingers with a beautiful wedding ring when she married Kanye West, and if reports are to be believed it seems that this week she added another poignant ring to her accessories collection.

According to the Irish Mirror, the rapper treated his bride to a silver Claddagh ring before they left the Emerald Isle as a keepsake from their romantic Irish honeymoon. While many were surprised that the superstar pair shunned a more tropical getaway with white sandy beaches for the unreliable Irish climate, reports suggest that the couple enjoyed a relaxing and private holiday.” RSVP Magazine, 31st May, 2014.

“KIM Kardashian is the proud owner of a silver Claddagh ring – a memento bought for her by her new husband Kanye West.

They boarded the plane out of sight of the assembled media but, in the minutes before they left, Kanye sent one of his personal assistants into the airport duty free to purchase a number of Irish-themed gifts for family and friends.

The most elegant of these was a solid silver Claddagh ring which he presented to Kim as the plane began its take-off.” Herald, 30th May, 2014.

“Kimye’s Irish trip cost the couple $60,000, including a very expensive claddagh ring Kanye bought for his bride. However Irish tourism experts say the visit was “priceless” in terms of showcasing Ireland to a new generation of Americans.

The couple flew out of Ireland yesterday having cut their stay short by two days to go to Prague in the Czech Republic and then back to the US at the weekend.

Their stay in Ireland was a last minute decision, as bride Kim wanted to retrace her parents’ honeymoon, which also took place in the Emerald Isle.

Buying her a claddagh ring was also something her stepfather, Olympic champion Bruce Jenner, also did for his new wife.” Irish Central, 30th May, 2014.

Jim Morrison’s (The Doors) Secret Claddagh Wedding


Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison

“’Love Hides’ sounds like it may be some romantically inspired improvisation on Morrison’s part, but in fact it was a poem he’d written for Patricia Kennealy Morrison. By the time Absolutely Live was released, the two were deeply involved and had been joined together in a Celtic handfasting ceremony. Their June 1970 marriage was not legally binding, but it was understood to be an exchange of solemn and lasting vows by practitioners of Celtic witchcraft (not to be confused with Satanism). Kennealy and Morrison exchanged traditional Irish wedding rings called claddaghs, which depicted hands holding a crowned heart. Hers was silver, his was gold.”

The Doors: When the Music’s over (Stories Behind Every Song Series); Chuck Crisafulli, Dave Dimartino; p.115

With This Ring With This Ring : The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Jewelry

With This Ring With This Ring : The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Jewelry (Hardcover) by Penny Proddow, Darrin Haddad, Marion Fasel, Suk Hee Ko Publisher: Bulfinch (November 16, 2004) ISBN: 0821228862

“The romantic Irish Claddagh Ring has two hands holding a heart with a crown. During the eighteenth century the design was used as an engagement ring in the fishing village of Claddagh on the western coast of Galway, but the motif didn’t originate there. It was a fancy court style set with diamonds in seventeenth-century Italy. The Irish adopted it, re-created it in gold, and name it after the fishing village. Frequently the rings were engraved with the alternating letters of the couple’s first names, one reading from the right and other from the left. For example, George and Sophia would be GaEiOhRpGoEs. Claddagh engagement rigns were passed down through the generations from mothers to daughter.”