The Old Claddagh Ring

Investigators sifting through the debris of the World Trade Centre have recovered dozens of Claddagh Rings. Over 200 of the popular Irish ring, the symbol of love, friendship and fidelity had been found, the larger number any other type rings. Their discovery has added yet another poignant twist to the six-week old recovery operations. Source said that the Claddagh Ring has become the focus of particular concern after the families of firemen contacted the Police Department that the firefighters could be identified by a Claddagh Ring that has initials inscribed in them. The ring could prove valuable in identifying likely victims of the attack, especially if they have initials inscribed in them. So far the number of confirmed Irish-born dead has reached eight. Irish-Americans and Americans of Irish decent are numbered in the thousands – the group that suffered the greatest in the numbers lost and injured.

Source: Western People, 2001/11/08,  “New York Notebook: Grim work at Twin Towers site continues”

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